Profin Agency


Profinagency is the business branch of Progetti e Finanza that deals with commercial mediation within different economic areas.
Working in close collaboration with the marketing consultants of our services organization and with our commercial partners, we are able to guarantee an efficent and proven sales and distribution network for industrial companies interested in expanding their sales in those areas where we are present
( Italy, Ex Yugoslavia, Malta, North Africa and Albania).
Our know-how, together with the operational procedures we have developed over time and consolidated through the results obtained on the field, allows us to:
– Verify the market potential of a product or a service;
– Estimate market size and sales volume targets achievable by the product or service;
– Guarantee the distribution of products or services through its sales network by selecting and forming agents or distributors able to ensure objective market penetration.
Our company can operate both as a market consultant, working as agent and business representative, and as an importer.